Weather Station updates

Blackfield Weather Website

I run a weather station. The hardware (Davis Vantage Vue) was a retirement gift from my colleagues and since I was able to set it up again after moving here (in February 2018) it has been connected to a PC running Weather Display software. This collects and records the instrument readings and then sent them to a php-based system running on my web server called Meteotemplate, which created and updated a web site with readings, graphs and information.

Now that my 2012 MacBook Air has retired in favour of a big iPad Pro, I am using it to run new weather station software: Meteocat. This software ran the weather station at my old school and I much prefer its look, feel and operation to Weather Display. I also felt that I had lost quite a lot of control when I adopted meteotemplate and that it was often slow on the kind of server I can afford, which meant data would be lost or corrupted, not often but something I had to watch for. Running a weather station on a Windows 10 PC is very difficult too. The machine would shut down at random at least once a week, often to install updates, giving me something else to watch for.

I used weathercat to write my own, much simpler, weather station web site and I am pleased with things so far.  You can see it at