Time for a refresh

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I've neglected this web site, or more accurately, I have neglected to put anything new on it. I have actually been writing articles for it, but the business of getting them from my writing environment (Ulysses), into the specific format that my web system Hugo needs, having to manually edit links to images and other web sites  and then generating and uploading the whole web site using the command line is just irritating enough to slip way down the priority list.

After some research and experimentation, I have moved to publii. This is open source software that runs on your PC (Mac in my case), which means that you can do all the editing and adjusting in a familiar, software environment at your own pace before simply telling the software to "sync" the files it has generated up to the live web site. It's remarkably pleasant to do things like drag and drop images where you want them, without having to do any coding.

It's still a static site. All the source files live on my computer and are generated into web files and uploaded once. This has all the security and speed advantages, as well as the control, that I spoke about before, but without having to be a full-on hacker knowing the depths of the operating system, several computer languages and so on. What finally spurred me to change was Hugo updates (which were good in themselves) breaking aspects of the site and my theme, taking ages to debug and mend. 

So far, publii has made me re-focus on the content (which it is all about), spotting all kinds of errors and less than effective writing, a little of which I have corrected.

I do not yet have the design and appearance of the site quite as I want it, but I can see what I need to do, but that is a longer term project. This is the included "simple" theme with some settings you can make without code and a couple of small tweaks in the css files (which publii makes very easy to do).

Taking articles from Ulysses into publii is very easy, and I can even use the excellent drafts app to write or dictate content on my phone and move it into Ulysses before putting on the site in moments with publii. I hope that means there will be more content here soon, and more often, but I am not promising!

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