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11 November 2018 / / astrophotography
I am very pleased with my first image from iTelescope of the famous double cluster in Perseus. I have not yet managed to unpack my telescope and CCD camera since we moved here. On the rare occasions that I have had time to think about practical astronomy, the weather has not been helpful. Although the night sky here is much better than it was in our old house, it is not good.
06 October 2018 / / astrophotography
It’s rare to have a clear night in the West of Ireland, but I was lucky while we were staying at my in-laws in Headford, County Galway. Rather than trying to take a quality astrophoto, I wanted to capture an impression of the rural sky and just how much we are missing in the south of England. I put my DSLR on a tripod, set the ISO to 800, and set the lens to 24mm and wide open at f4.