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The Double Cluster

The Double Cluster

I am very pleased with my first image from iTelescope¬†of the famous double cluster in Perseus. I have not yet managed to unpack…

Mars from Mayo

Mars in a Mayo Sky

Sadly, we had to go to the West of Ireland for my Father-in-Law's funeral. For part of the time we were there, we…

Red Arrows

The Red Arrows

The end of Cowes Week (a huge yachting event in the Solent) there are celebrations, with big parties, fireworks and this year a…

Wild Fire

The Forest on Fire

I was on my way back from a great walk down to the sea when I spotted a thin column of smoke in…

Shade Garden

The Shade Garden area

When the previous owners built the extension for our kitchen and utility room, they created a small, dark corner outside, behind the bedroom…