Diarly (and Day One)

I started writing a journal in the 1990s, when I tried, and soon valued, spending a few minutes every evening to jot down what had been important in the day, that I might want to remember. I had systems to keep track of work and projects in my very busy job, which included automatic and manual progress notes and updates,…

On the Nature of Understanding

There is a lot of discussion at the moment about "personal knowledge management", with people lining up behind their favourite apps, whether that's Roam, Obsidian, Tinderbox, Craft, Notion or even more "traditional" note-taking or note-keeping apps like Evernote or Notability or GoodNotes. The concept of personal knowledge management is essentially simple: it is the collection of processes (with associated tools)…

Image of a library

Craft Documents and Notes

Every now and then, you use something new on a computer and quietly realise that it will change how you do things This happened to me a lot in the 1980s. I still remember the first time I ever made a single page with desk top publishing and a laser printer; the first time I used email; the first time…

Mars in a Mayo Sky

Mars from Mayo

The Red Arrows

Red Arrows

The Forest on Fire

Wild Fire

The Shade Garden area

Shade Garden

Lightning at Lepe