What are the outputs of a Note-Taking System?

Comparing appsA wise person once said that people always learn something, from any experience, lesson, article or talk but that quite often what they learn has nothing at all to do with what the “teacher” or organiser intended. I came away from reading a quite enjoyable and well-written article recently with thoughts and responses that were not even slightly touched…

A traditional notebook on a desk with the word "notes" at the top of the page

Update on Diarly

Since writing about my move to Diarly from Day One, a few things have happened and it might be worth an update. Diarly itself has had a couple of versions. These fixed minor bugs I mostly had not come across, but it has also fixed the issue I mentioned about Day One imported temperatures. These now come across rounded to…

Diarly (and Day One)

I started writing a journal in the 1990s, when I tried, and soon valued, spending a few minutes every evening to jot down what had been important in the day, that I might want to remember. I had systems to keep track of work and projects in my very busy job, which included automatic and manual progress notes and updates,…

The Tarantula Nebula


The Double Cluster

The Double Cluster

Mars in a Mayo Sky

Mars from Mayo

The Red Arrows

Red Arrows

The Forest on Fire

Wild Fire

The Shade Garden area

Shade Garden