Blogging in the Time of Coronavirus

I always want to be better at learning and recently started to try to study. Inevitably I went looking for apps I had, or could get, that would help me.

I ended up spending quite a few hours on this, and decided to write it up as a blog post.  The very short version is that there are quite a number useful tools, but none of them are without problems, the biggest of which is conceptualising what learning is and how we do it, and building a powerful model into a set of useful tools. 

Once the pandemic lock-downs began, and schools and colleges closed, publishing this seemed wrong, somehow. I hope people will still be learning and studying over the next months, but everything seems too dislocated and chaotic to pull into any neat summary.

I will keep working on this, but more slowly, hoping to come to some longer term and more useful conclusions myself, before I post again. Meanwhile, I am growing things.

Stay safe and well.