A New Look

An illustration of the new theme

I hope you like the new look!

It seems that I have usually changed the theme or appearance of this web site in January each year. I suspect it's something to do with spending more time indoors and with long, dark evenings. Tinkering with web site set-up and re-committing to writing more fits in with the New Year and beats binge watching TV. 

if you are interested, this web site is created with the very good free software called Publii .

The new theme is one they sell called "editorial". (They offer a good number of other premium and free themes too). There are lots of options in this theme, and I have been experimenting in various ways behind the scenes, but I think it was finally ready to go live.

It always takes a while to tweak web site content to fit a new theme well, so please bear with me if there are slight oddities at first. I hope there will be more frequent posts here, and more variety of design and appearance too as I get to grips with this.