A New Beginning

It's time for a new beginning, at least for this blog.

We made a major move in August, from Surrey to the New Forest. Without rehearsing the details, it took nine months of toil and pain to finally sell the house, complete the purchase and move. That included a three-week period where we lived in the old house but with almost everything in packing boxes, after a plan to move earlier had gone wrong at the very last moment. Having arrived here, things have been very much better but there has been a lot to do. It took a lot of effort to be unpacked by Christmas and we replaced a lot of carpet, had work done on the heating and electrics and have done a great deal ourselves, not to mention things like fitting curtains and blinds on every window, replacing the front door, clearing blocked gutters etc. not to mention buying and moving furniture around and spending at least a day a week looking after our two-year old granddaughter. It's all good, but there has not been much time recently.

There is still a long list of things to do, but the urgency has diminished and there is occasionally time to write, think and work on this blog. There are many more things I want to write about as I try new things. We are now only about 200m walk from the New Forest National Park and less than 2 miles from the sea. I am already delighted with how much more wildlife I see here. There are lots of projects: from re-establishing long-term activities (like my weather station, meteor camera and telescope) to new interests. The garden is a blank slate, and we are on completely different soil and in a different climate here. I am experimenting with various aspects of computing, with much to learn and I am exploring this fantastic area.

I write this for me but it helps to have an audience, even if just in my head. If anything here is of interest to anyone, that's a bonus, but I will write about some of the things that I do, and which interest me.

That all starts today, which happens to be my 60th birthday!